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Acacia Ridge gets its name from the flourishing number of Acacia trees growing in the area.

This suburb is buzzing with culture and history, boasting a number of heritage listed sites, including the Acacia Ridge Air Raid Shelter, which was built in 1942. Clean, tidy and affordable, there’s no shortage of lush, green spaces here.

From 1966 until the mid-1980s, Acacia Ridge accommodated one of Holden‘s main vehicle manufacturing plants, which produced both full-sized and smaller models including the Holden Gemini. When local production of the Gemini ceased in October 1984, the manufacturing plant closed down.[5] The manufacturer remained, retaining a small area of the site for its regional headquarters until the early 2000s, when it relocated to Murarrie. Since closure of the plant, Woolworths occupied the area, utilising its space as a regional distribution centre until recently, when an independent retail grocery chain resumed the site for similar purposes.

On the opposite side of Beaudesert Road from the former manufacturing plant, Toyota has based its southern Queensland regional headquarters. This site is primarily used for managerial and distribution related duties, as opposed to vehicle production.

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