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Much of the suburb is elevated, lying on a ridge that gives views of the city. For many years it was a somewhat rundown suburb, particularly close to main roads and with a lot of social housing, but with gentrification and the rise in the cost of housing, many of the original ‘Queenslanders’ have been restored to their former glory, giving the suburb an eclectic mix of residences for all socio-economic levels.

The suburb is of medium population density with many apartment blocks, guest houses and fast-food outlets. The major road in the suburb is Ipswich Road, one of Brisbane’s main southerly traffic arteries. Until 13 April 1969 the suburb was served by electric trams, which ran along Ipswich Road.

The area where Ipswich Road intersects with Annerley Road (formerly Boggo Road) is commonly known as Annerley Junction which in turn gave its name to the local state primary school Junction Park State School.

The area was originally used for dairy farms. One of the first residential subdivisions was the St Kilda Estate bounded by Cornwall Street to the north, Boggo Road (now Annerley Road) to the west and Ipswich Road to the south.[6] In 1866, the Junction Hotel was opened on the triangular corner of Ipswich Road and Boggo Road (now Annerley Road).[7]

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