Moving in summer? Book your furniture removalists in Brisbane today!

Summer is the busiest time of the year for both piano movers and for furniture removalists in Brisbane, because most homeowners decide to sell their home in spring, resulting in a move during the summer months. This is most probably a popular strategy because parents don’t need to worry about taking their kids to school for weeks on end and they don’t need to change schools during the semester, disrupting their studies.

The problem with moving in the summer is the heat, particularly in SEQ where we have high temperatures and high humidity for weeks on end. Nevertheless, since spring is the best time to sell your home, you usually find yourself battling the summer heat during your move. So, if you are looking at moving home this summer, here are our 3 best tips for a stress-free move.

  1. Book now: If you have sold you home and need to move to a new house over the summer period, the biggest tip we can give you is to book your furniture removalists in Brisbane as soon as possible. With summer being a popular time for moving, you might miss out on your preferred dates if you leave it too long to make your booking. This also applies to piano movers in Brisbane as well, because if they also offer removalist services to their customers, they will be doubly busy over the summer holidays.
  2. De-clutter: To make your move as stress-free as possible, all furniture removalists in Brisbane will recommend that you need to de-clutter before you move. This will also cut down on your moving costs, because you won’t be moving so many boxes. Consider recycling some items, giving others away to charity or simply putting them in the waste bin if they are too old, outdated or broken.
  3. Pack early: If you haven’t booked a pre-packing service from Brisbane Pre Packers where we come in and pack everything a day or so before your move, you need to start packing early. Pack everything that you won’t need in the weeks before your move, leaving only the essentials to be packed the day before your move. As the leading furniture removalists in Brisbane, our pre-packing service is becoming increasingly popular as more and more clients realise the benefits of someone else packing all their belongings and furniture for their move.

If you need piano movers or furniture removalists in Brisbane, why not get a quote online today for your summer move?

Why do furniture removalists in Brisbane love autumn?

As the leading furniture removalists in Brisbane, we love the autumn weather, because the heat of the hot Aussie summer is declining and the days are clear and crisp. Many homeowners decide to sell their homes in the spring, but this means that they will need to move in the heat of the summer. This can put a big strain on your family, as not everyone can cope with so much activity in the hot summer days that we experience in SEQ.

When’s the best for furniture removalists in Brisbane?

If you are considering moving from one residence to the other then it is always better to move during March, April or May because everyone benefits from the cooler temperatures. After all, it’s no fun working hard outside when the temperature is hot enough to fry an egg!

Even piano movers in Brisbane, look forward to the autumn, because as experts in lifting very heavy and cumbersome loads, they really feel the effects of the heat in summer. Of course, sometimes your moving dates are out of your control or you simply must have your piano moved by a specific date. If you have any choice in the matter however, always look to move in the autumn with winter and spring being good options as well.

Autumn however, is the perfect time to move because it’s one of the least popular times of the year to relocate. This means that furniture removalists in Brisbane won’t be overly busy, giving you more chance of locking in your dates and at short notice as well. Summer is a particularly difficult time to move, not only because of the heat, but also because it’s the most popular time and removalists and even piano movers in Brisbane are usually working flat out.

The reason that summer is usually so busy is because parents prefer to move when their children have finished school for the year and can start afresh in a new school at the beginning of the next school year. If this isn’t a problem for you, then moving during the off-season (autumn) gives furniture removalists in Brisbane much more flexibility and homeowners many more options for their move.

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Moving this summer? Book your moving services in Brisbane today!

With most people buying and selling properties in late spring and summer, booking professional moving services in Brisbane during spring ensures that you have your dates locked in securely. There are many reasons for summer being the season for moving, but basically it’s because the kids are on holiday from school and parents can also take time away from work to handle all of the logistics.

Another great service you can consider booking at the same time is house packing, because in Brisbane, the hot summer months it make hard work packing in the heat. Not forgetting that if you have really heavy objects like pool tables or pianos that need to be moved, it’s best to book the piano movers in Brisbane as well.

With so many people wanting to move during the summer season, most moving services in Brisbane become booked out, so if you leave it too late, you might not be able to book your preferred dates. So it pays to get in early!

If you are moving home soon, here are a few tips to help you get a head start:

  • Now is the time to go through all of your belongings and decide whether you really need everything. The less you need to move, the lower your costs and the less time it takes as well. So decide if you can sell, donate or trash some items to lighten the load.
  • If you are doing all of your own house packing in Brisbane, then start boxing up the items that you can live without until you move into your new home. If you have organised for your moving company to pack up your home, then you won’t need to bother with this step.
  • When you book your moving services in Brisbane, now is the time to find the local shopping malls, doctor and dentist surgeries, as well as the post office, pharmacy and of course, the transportation system at your new location.
  • Organise someone to look after your pets during the move. With people in and out of your home loading the truck and then unloading at your destination, pets can be forgotten and might even become lost. So always designate someone to look after your pets on moving day.

If you are moving in the next few months, be sure to book your moving services in Brisbane now and lock in your moving dates. Why not get a quote online with Brisbane Pre Packers & Removals?

How do Brisbane removalists protect your belonging during the move?

One of your main priorities when you book Brisbane removalists is that your furniture and belongings will be loaded, transported and unloaded safely. No-one wants to find broken furniture or glassware when they unpack at their destination.

As specialist furniture movers in Brisbane, we have built an enviable reputation for ensuring that all of your possessions arrive safely at your new home. To help achieve this outcome, we also offer our clients a range of packing services, where we come in and pack all of your furniture and belongings, ensuring that they are packed safely for the move.

Apart from our packing services in Brisbane, here are a few other ways we make sure that your belongings arrive safely at their destination.

  • We wrap all of our equipment and the edges of your doors in thick bumpers or blankets that are designed specifically to prevent any hard knocks when we move your furniture.
  • As specialist Brisbane removalists, we have the right type of equipment to safely lift heavy furniture, such as pool tables or pianos.
  • As part of our packing services, we fully wrap all of your furniture, so that it doesn’t knock or rub against each other in the truck.
  • We secure all of your furniture, preventing it from moving around on the truck during transit.
  • If any of your furniture can be disassembled, this will make it easier to move through narrow doorways and stairways. We can disassemble your furniture as part of our packing services.

If you are ready to contact professional furniture movers in Brisbane, it’s best to ask whether they offer a pre-packing service. This is because professional packers know how to pack absolutely everything to prevent breakages during loading, unloading and transit.

Adding a pre-packing service onto the cost of your Brisbane removalists will no doubt increase your costs, but it saves you an enormous amount of time that you would otherwise spend packing before your move. After all, many homeowners spend months packing up all of their belongings with one mad rush at the end. Just imagine how good it would be not to bother packing at all!

If you are moving soon, why not get a quote online with Brisbane Pre Packers & Removals?

3 Tips for moving home with your pet – from your local house packing specialists

As more and more home owners use our house packing services in Brisbane, we tend to hear of problems they have gone through when organising their move. One of the most common problems is moving with pets, particularly when you have children and pets!

For example, if you are renting and you have pets, it is important that you make sure that the landlord lets you have pets at your rental accommodation, particularly if you are moving to a unit or a gated community. As Brisbane Removalists, we come across many families who have to give up their pets because their new landlords won’t let them keep pets.

This is only one of the problems pet owners can face when they don’t think ahead. So if you are ready to book your packing services in Brisbane, here are 3 more tips to help you have a trouble free move with your pets.

  1. Visit your vet before house packing: When you start packing up all of your belongings a few days before your move, you won’t have the time to visit your vet (unless it’s for an emergency). The problem is that you will need to take a copy of your pet’s records and vaccinations with you to give to your new vet. So book an appointment with your vet a few weeks ahead of your moving date to be sure that you have everything set.
  2. Pack all your pets belongings: Before your local house packing services arrive in Brisbane, make sure that you set aside a box that is clearly marked for your pet. Inside you can keep all of their bedding and toys together, so that they won’t get lost and are on hand at your new destination. You can also pack a box of their favourite biscuits and their bowls in the box as well. Don’t forget to pack a big bottle of water for the trip as well.
  3. Remember your microchip: Most dogs need to have a microchip ID, so don’t forget to change your contact details for your pet after you move. Otherwise, if your pet does become lost, you might not be contacted!

House packing can become a chore, so it is important that you don’t get so wrapped up in your packing that you forget about the essentials for your pets when you move. If you are looking for Brisbane Removalists and house packing specialists, why not get a quote online today?

Tips on finding the right place to live – from your Brisbane Removalists

As Brisbane Removalists, we have chatted to thousands of people who have moved house and in the process we have developed a keen insight into how people find the right home for their family.

So before you jump the gun and call your local moving services in Brisbane to ask them about their house packing services, make sure that you have ticked all the boxes outlined below. This way, you can be sure that you are making the best decision for your family.

  • Apply for a pre-approved loan: It is always less stressful looking for a new home and negotiating the price when you know how much you can borrow from your financial lender. As Brisbane Removalists we have heard many sad stories from home owners about houses that we lost due to not being able to borrow as much money as they first thought.
  • Check out the local transportation: Even if you own multiple vehicles, at some time or another you will likely need to use public transportation. So make sure that there is a regular bus service not too far away, as well as a train station if possible.
  • Explore the schools in the area: If you have children or are thinking or starting a family, the local schools may be a big priority for you. So always check not only their location, but also their reputation. For high schools, you can check their standing with a quick internet search and as Brisbane Removalists, we know that for many of our clients, the local schools are definitely part of their moving decision.
  • Find out the local facilities: Even though you usually drive to do your grocery shopping, it is always better if there is a large shopping mall close to your new home, as well as GPs, Dentists, Vets, restaurants and cafes.
  • Are there any recreation facilities nearby? Another consideration, before you call your local moving services in Brisbane, is to check out the local parks and see if they are well maintained and have facilities for your children or dogs. Also look for walking and hiking tracks, swimming pools, golf courses and any other sports centres that you are interested in with your family.

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Decluttering? Lighten the load with specialist Brisbane Removalists

If your home has collected a lot of clutter over the years, the easiest option is to call in your local Brisbane Removalists to take it all away and leave you with a much more spacious and clutter free home.

Most of us have so many belongings that we don’t want to throw out, because we might use it again or wear it again, but which gather dust and take up space. From old furniture, broken tree decorations, camping gear, kid’s toys, and broken equipment and appliances, they all accumulate slowly over time, until all of a sudden we feel inundated with junk.

This usually happens when you are packing your house for a move and you realise that you have so much stuff! So this is the ideal time to organise a pre packing company in Brisbane to also pack up all of your clutter and transport it to the dump or to a storage unit.

House packing before your move is already a long winded and stressful time, so asking your Brisbane Removalists to help out with your de-cluttering session makes complete sense. But how do you start?

Start your house packing and decluttering in one room first

Packing for your move is best done room by room, because this lets you easily de-clutter at the same time. Everything you want to keep, you pack into your moving boxes, everything you want to go to charity can be packed separately and the rest can be put aside to go to the dump.

If you move through each room methodically like this, it won’t add too much time to your house packing time frame. Of course, the easiest option is to start well ahead of your moving date and de-clutter first. This way you can get all of the junk out of the way and then call in your specialist Brisbane pre packing service to pack everything else for your move, cutting down your packing and decluttering time dramatically.

So if your home is full of clutter and taking up too much of your valuable space or you are moving and realise that you seriously need to declutter before you move, why not call in your local Brisbane Removalists to fix the problem?

Call Brisbane Pre Packers and get a quote online today.

4 Items that need the expertise of Brisbane Removalists to move and pack

You can certainly pack and transport all of your belongings and furniture when you move yourself, rather than hiring the help of Brisbane Removalists. There are however, four items that are best left to the experts, because tackling them yourself will quite likely lead to injuries, as well as causing damage to these items.

The four items that are best left to the expert movers and packers in Brisbane are: pianos, fish tanks, artwork and large plants.

Pianos: No-one should really move and lift a piano themselves, even with help from friends. Moving these huge, heavy and bulky items through doorways, up and down stairs and onto a truck can not only cause serious injury to yourself and your mates, but can also damage your piano. Pianos are actually finely tuned instruments that don’t take well to being moved, often requiring to be re-tuned after a difficult move. It is always best to leave piano moving to your expert Brisbane Removalists.

Fish Tanks: Can you imagine the weight of a fully filled fish tank? This is why you always need to empty out most of the water before moving a fish tank, leaving enough water so that the bacteria can quickly repopulate when the fresh water is added. You also need to remove your fish and transport them separately, because they don’t do well when sloshed around repeatedly in a large fish tank. Once partly emptied however, you could move the fish tank yourself, but it is always easier to ask your local house packing and transport company in Brisbane to do the job for you.

Artwork: Avoiding damage to artwork is essential due to its monetary value, as well as its sentimental value. Artwork can come in all shapes and sizes, as well as being very bulky and heavy. Nothing is impossible to move and you can certainly pack and transport your own artwork, but to be on the safe side, it is always better to hire specialist Brisbane Removalists for the job.

Large Plants: Small plants are not a big deal and the best way to transport them is to transfer them from a ceramic or pottery container into a plastic pot for the move. This prevents the loss of your pots and helps to protect the plant’s roots from being damaged. Large plants however, are a different story, requiring specialist lifting equipment. This is why you need to call your local movers and packers in Brisbane for all large plant transportation.

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What to expect when you pay for house packing in Brisbane

Not many people have heard about house packing in Brisbane, but it is one of the best solutions for reducing all of the stress and worry that comes with moving house. If you haven’t used a house packing service yet, here is an insider’s view on how to get the most out of this type of service.

What does a house packing service in Brisbane do?

Essentially, house packers will come in a few days before your actual moving date and pack up everything in sight! This means that you need to sort out what needs to be packed and what needs to be thrown out, recycled or given to charity.

A house packing service won’t sort through your belongings, they will simply pack up everything into boxes (including the rubbish!). So for example, you need to make sure that beds are stripped, and the dishwasher, washing machine and tumble drier are all empty, clean and dry, because they will all be packed away and won’t be inspected.

How long does the house packing take?

This depends on the size of your home and how much furniture and belongings you have to be packed. Generally however, a typical 3 or 4 bedroom home can take between 6 and 10 hours to pack, all things being equal. House packing services are really fast and they can pack up your home much quicker than you can yourself, because they do it every day and they are not wondering what to pack, throw out, send to charity etc.

This is the reason why everything must be ready for the house packers when they arrive at your home. They will simply start in one room and move through each room packing everything as they go, so if you haven’t sorted everything out beforehand, you will slow them up and you might even miss your moving slot.

All you need to do for a successful house packing experience in Brisbane is to be organised and ready for the packers to arrive. Why not get a quote online and enjoy the benefits of someone else packing up your home?

3 Cost saving tips for long distance moves using furniture movers in Brisbane

Long distance moves can be stressful and hard on your family, so if you live in Brisbane, the best solution is to hire your moving services early, giving you plenty of time to have everything organised before the big day.

Inevitably, if you are moving interstate, you will spend a sizable part of your budget on the furniture movers, however there are a few sensible tactics you can use to minimise these costs.

  1. Consider your moving date: Weekends, school holidays and public holidays are the most sought after dates for moving, so if you can select a day outside of these popular times, you can often save a few dollars. Summer is also another very busy time for moving services in Brisbane, meaning that if you can schedule your move at another time of the year (particularly winter) you can also shave a few more dollars off your costs.
  2. Do you need everything? The more belongings you need transported interstate, the greater the costs. So it pays to spend some serious time sorting through all of your furniture and belongings to decide if you really need to take it all with you to your new home. Maybe it is time to update your old fridge and you always wanted a new sofa and dining room setting, didn’t you? Don’t forget that a garage sale is also a great way to help pay for your moving costs!
  3. Think about food: If you are driving and following the moving services from Brisbane to your to new home, think about the length of the drive and how many stops you will need along the way. Even if you are heading off before the moving truck leaves your old home, you will still need a number of food stops along the way and with a family of four, this can add up to a lot of extra money. So pack an esky with cold drinks and sandwiches, and maybe a quiche, salad and sausage rolls for example – finger food that can be easily eaten on the go and won’t break the bank.

If you are going to need furniture movers in Brisbane for your long distance move, why not get a quote online and start organising your move today!

3 Steps Brisbane Pre Packers & furniture removalists use to keep your furniture safe

As professional furniture removalists in Brisbane, we know how to keep your furniture safe during your move, no matter how far away your destination. Damage to furniture and belongings is always a worry for home owners, particularly if you are moving interstate, which is why we are fully insured for all eventualities!

Any good furniture removalist in Brisbane will do their very best to ensure the safety of their customer’s furniture. The team at Brisbane Pre Packers is no exception, because we always make sure that everything goes off without a hitch for all of our customers.

3 Steps to a successful house move

The safety of your furniture is paramount to us and so we have a three step process that insures a successful move for everyone: packing, loading and unloading, and transportation.

Packing: The one way to ensure that your furniture and belongings will be safe during your move is to pack them correctly. We are the only furniture removalists in Brisbane to offer customers a packing and unpacking service, so you can be 100% sure that everything is packed safely.

Loading & unloading: This is when many accidents happen and items get damaged or broken, so our entire team is well trained in how to load and unload furniture and boxes safely. Everything is loaded onto the truck (and unloaded at your destination) using whatever equipment is necessary to get the job done right.

Transportation: Only professional furniture removalists understand how to load a truck correctly and how to tie everything down securely, so that it not only fits into the truck, but it won’t move during transit.

When you hire furniture removalists for your Brisbane move, you have an expectation that none of your furniture will be damaged. To make our customers feel absolutely safe with our company, we not only have the above 3 step process, but we also guarantee to repair or fix anything that might be inadvertently broken or damaged during your move.

We even have insurance to cover loading and unloading, which is where most problems occur and is often the type of insurance that other furniture removalist companies in Brisbane ignore, instead opting for just transportation insurance.

Why not get a quote online today and leave your next move to the professional furniture removalists at Brisbane Pre Packers?

Are piano and pool table removals safe?

At Brisbane Pre Packers, we provide a professional and safe piano and pool table removals service for our customers in SE QLD. However, as with all types of removals, you can move your own pool table or piano, but if you drop one of these heavy items, you can not only do yourself an injury, but you can also cause a lot of damage to the items.

Pianos and pool tables are so large, heavy and cumbersome that it is not worth the pain, injury, stress and potential loss to DIY the move, particularly when the cost of pool table or piano movers in Brisbane isn’t expensive and won’t break the bank.

5 Steps for safe piano or pool table removals

As professional pool table and piano movers in Brisbane, we know what it takes to lift, secure and transport these heavy items. However, if you are considering doing it yourself, here are the steps involved.

  1. Manpower: You can’t move a piano or pool table on your own and depending on its size and weight, you will need lots of help to safely move them, particularly onto a truck.
  2. Dismantling: An upright piano can be moved as one piece, however a grand piano or a pool table needs to be dismantled before being transported. If you don’t know how to take apart and put these items back together again properly, then it is best to bite the bullet and invest in professional piano and pool table removals – call us at Brisbane Pre Packers for a free quote.
  3. Specialised equipment: There is no way that a piano or a pool table can be manhandled onto a truck. They require specialised lifting equipment, as well as very strong locking straps in the truck to ensure that they don’t move during transportation.
  4. Tailgate loader: Unless you want to trust your piano or pool table to a fork lift and the back of a Ute, you will need a tailgate loader to safely load your piano or pool table onto the truck.
  5. Insurance: Occasionally, your home contents will cover piano or pool table removals, however this doesn’t always happen. At Brisbane Pre Packers we are fully insured for any damage caused during loading and unloading, as well as during transport.

For professional and affordable pool table and piano movers in Brisbane, get a quote online today.

How do specialist Brisbane removalists price their moving services?

As a customer, do you ever wonder how businesses come up with their pricing structure and why everything is so expensive nowadays? Well, as the leading removalists in Brisbane, our pricing structure is completely transplant and is very clearly outlined on our website for all of our customers.

We believe that our prices are very competitive, but as with everything, it always pays to be better informed. So in this vein, we thought it sensible to open up and let you know how we calculate our prices, so you can be fully confident that we really do offer the best value moving services in Brisbane.

What do we include in our prices?

Obviously, our prices reflect the costs and time involved in our moving and packing services in Brisbane. For example, the rising cost of fuel and the salary of our removalists. These costs are based on the time it takes on the road, transporting your furniture and belongings, and the length of time it takes to load everything and tie it all down safely on the truck.

We also need to include time for offloading, and if you want to use our packing services, then we need to account for this as well. Costs are also determined on the number of rooms, whether we have to go up and down stairs or elevators, and whether you have any large, heavy or cumbersome items that need to be relocated.

When people engage our moving services, some of them want part of their furniture and boxes to be left in storage for a while, so we need to factor in an additional trip in our prices, as well as unloading at the storage facility. Don’t forget, that if you want to move on a public holiday, then we do charge an extra fee, simply because we need to pay our removalists a higher rate.

To be as competitive as possible, we charge by the hour, so you don’t end up paying a day rate, if your move only takes a few hours. As the leading removalists in Brisbane, we know that the logistics of moving from one place to another can be complex, so if you have any special requests, you can call us on 0411 182 208 for a chat about your requirements or get a quote online.

Tips for safe piano and pool table removals in Brisbane

As expert furniture movers in Brisbane, we regularly move heavy and cumbersome items for our clients, such as pianos and pool tables. These are the sort of items that should be left to specialist removers, because you can not only damage them, but you can also injure yourself if you don’t know how to move them safely.

So first of all, let’s take a look at how specialist piano movers can save you a lot of stress and worry by transporting your family heirloom safely to its new location. Then we can take a quick look at why you should also leave pool table removals to the experts as well.

Tips from piano movers in Brisbane

With large upright pianos weighing upwards of half a ton, to move one of these monsters you will need at least two, if not three or more people. Make sure that you secure the lid of an upright piano to prevent it from opening and wrap it in blankets to protect it from damage.

You will also need heavy duty lifting straps and a large furniture dolly that supports the weight of the piano. Remember that an upright piano has an off-kilter centre of balance, so it can easily tip over when you are moving it to the truck. This is why professional piano movers are so popular!

Tips for safe pool table removals in Brisbane

Whilst an upright piano can be moved whole, you can’t do the same for a pool table. These need to be dismantled before transportation, so you need to have an idea of how to take your table apart.

You will need the right tools, because you have to remove the legs, the six side pockets and rails, and the felt. Make sure that you keep all of the bolts and screws and label everything, so you know how to put it all back together.

As with moving a piano, you need to make sure that the dismantled table will fit through doorways and ensure that it is secured properly in the truck. Moving a piano or pool table up and down stairs and through tight doorways can be frustrating, which is why most people leave it to the experts.

Get a quote online today from the leading furniture movers in Brisbane and save yourself a lot of stress!

Is it better to hire or buy moving boxes for house packing

As professional removalists in Brisbane, we have a large range of house packing boxes for hire and for sale, making it easy for you to protect and pack all of your belongings. We have boxes that are specifically designed for specific items, for example plasma LCD TVs, bicycles, wall pictures, lamp shades, books and wine. and even porta robe boxes that allow you to hang your clothes, rather than fold them.

We also supply all of the butcher paper, tissue paper and bubble wrap you will need, as well as protective mattress covers, dining chair and lounge covers, in fact everything you could possibly need for your move. It goes without saying that to move a household from one location to another, you will need a lot of boxes, but should you buy them or hire them?

The case for buying house packing boxes

The best reason to actually buy all of the house packing boxes you need for your move is because you want to use the boxes for storage. Many home owners don’t bother to unpack everything when they first move into their new home, particularly when they are renting.

Instead, they will store a lot of their belongings, either in the garage or in a storage unit. This means that they need good quality boxes, but they want to keep them long term. If you want to transport some of your boxes to a storage unit and others to your new home, just let us know and we are happy to oblige. Don’t forget that we also buy back unused house packing boxes as well.

The case for hiring house packing boxes

Hiring all of your boxes is a great idea when you don’t really want to keep anything in storage. You might take a few weeks to unpack everything, but once you are done, you are left with a mountain of boxes! As busy removalists in Brisbane, if your used boxes are in good condition, we can reuse them for our other customers, so if you call us to collect them within 2 months, we will give you a 50% refund on their original price. We also deliver and pick up these boxes free of charge in the Brisbane Metro area.

If you are searching for professional packers and removalists in Brisbane, you can quickly get a quote online today.

How long does it take to pack and unpack a typical house?

At Brisbane Pre Packers & Removals, we offer house packing services to Brisbane home owners, making the weeks before your move wonderfully stress free. If you have ever packed up your household and moved to another location yourself, you will understand that the weeks prior to your move can be quite hectic.

As movers and packers in Brisbane, we can easily pack up a 4 bedroom home in less than a day, but that is when everyone is out of the house and we can pack everything in one hit! When we come in, we pack up all of your belongings and furniture room by room, not needing to worry about keeping items aside, because they might be needed before the move.

DIY packing vs professional packing services in Brisbane

That is the difference between you packing all of your belongings yourself, and professionals coming in and doing the house packing. In Brisbane, we generally start at one end of your home and keep on going until it is all packed. On the other hand, you will most probably start packing weeks ahead of your move, packing the items that you don’t think you will need before moving into your new home.

The problem is that when you are faced with an entire household to pack, it seems like a sensible idea to start packing weeks ahead, but as we all know, this can become extremely stressful. At some point you will be faced with looking for something that you are pretty sure you have already packed in one of the boxes, spending even more time rummaging around trying to locate the item.

Living amongst boxes for weeks on end isn’t conducive to a happy household, which is why our packing services in Brisbane have become so popular. When you don’t have to bother about packing everything yourself, you can simply live your normal life right up to a day or two before your move. This takes a huge amount of stress away from your family, letting you look forward to your move, rather than stressing all the time.

If you are interested in our packing services in Brisbane, you can get a quote online today and forget all about being buried in boxes for weeks before your move.

Take the stress out of house packing!

House packing can be the most stressful part of buying a new home. After all you have gone through in obtaining finance and finding your wonderful new home, now you have to spend weeks packing all of your belongings. There is no need to worry however, because at Brisbane Pre Packers, we not only offer professional moving services in Brisbane to our customers, but we also offer packing services as well.

Very few removalists provide packing services in Brisbane, which means that you have to pack and unpack all of your belongings yourself. When you are moving house, you can spend weeks and weeks packing everything in boxes only to find that you have packed something you need!

Let’s look at some of the benefits of our house packing services, so you can appreciate why our customers are so happy.

Our house packing services give you a stress free move to your new home

When you are faced with packing up your entire household for the move to your new home, it can all look a bit daunting. Where do you start? What can you pack that you won’t need before you move?

This solution is to hire a company that offers both removalist and packing services in Brisbane, otherwise you will be living in a world of boxes for weeks before you move. We will come in and pack everything for you a few days before your move, giving you the freedom to keep living your normal life right up to your moving date.

You won’t have to live surrounded by boxes for weeks on end, rifling through them trying to remember where you packed the bread knife, hairdryer or the only DVD that keeps your little one quiet. The best solution for a stress free life is to hire both packing and moving services in Brisbane.

Don’t forget that we will also unpack all of your belongings at your new home, so you can spend quality time with your family on your moving day, instead of racing around trying to unpack everything before nightfall.

If our house packing services sound like a good idea for your next move, get a quote online or call us on 0411 182 208.

What makes us the best furniture movers in Brisbane?

Are you searching for the best furniture movers in Brisbane? At Brisbane Pre Packers, we have built a solid reputation for being one of the most affordable and most reliable moving services in Brisbane. We can help you move your office or retail outlet to your new premises, transfer furniture and belongings to your storage unit, and help you to move house.

So if you are looking for a professional furniture removalist in Brisbane, here is a list of our services:

  • Removalists: Over the years we have become expert furniture movers in Brisbane and we will safely load and unload all of your furniture and belongings, quickly and professionally. You won’t have to worry about any of your belongings with the team at Brisbane Pre Packers, as we take extreme care and are renowned for our safe deliveries.
  • Packing and unpacking: You don’t need to worry about packing for weeks on end before the move or stress about unpacking at your new location. We will come in a few days before your move and have everything packed and ready to go on the day. We will also unpack everything at your new destination. Not many moving services in Brisbane offer these services.
  • Piano and pool table movers: If you have any heavy items, such as a piano or pool table that needs moving from one location to another, we have the expertise and the equipment to make it happen safely and quickly.
  • Decluttering: If you want to take some of your belongings to a storage unit or you need help decluttering your home, you need the best furniture removalist in Brisbane for the job!
  • Box hire: Finding tough, heavy duty boxes and packaging to protect your belongings can be both difficult and expensive. We have boxes for hire or purchase and we will buy back any unused boxes.
  • Fully insured: Most moving services in Brisbane are only insured for the transport of your belongings, but we are also fully insured for the loading and unloading as well. This gives you complete confidence in our services.

If you are in the market for professional furniture movers in Brisbane, get a quote online or call us on 0411 182 208.

10 Tips to save money on house packing in Brisbane

House packing in Brisbane has to be one of the most stressful things you can do when you move, so the solution is to hire professional removalists, who are also expert in house packing.

However, if you want to DIY your own house packing, here are 15 tips that will help you through the process.

  1. You need boxes: The best way to pack all of your belongings is with boxes, as they can be easily stacked in the removalist truck. You can purchase sturdy boxes from your removalists.
  2. Start early: Don’t leave all of your house packing in Brisbane until the last minute, because you will usually throw everything into boxes, rather than take your time to do it all properly.
  3. Identify rooms: Pack boxes by room, colour coding or clearly marking the room on each box. This helps the removalists to unload each box into the right room in your new home.
  4. Label: On each box make sure to write the contents, as this helps you to unpack and decide where everything is going to go.
  5. Number the boxes: House packing can be confusing, but if you number each box as it is filled, you will know how many you have in total and you won’t lose any boxes.
  6. Number the boxes by room: Numbering all the boxes for each room is also a great way to know that you have all of the right boxes in the right rooms and you aren’t missing any of them.
  7. Organise: When you start your house packing in Brisbane, begin by packing items and clothes that you won’t need before the move and leave other items until closer to the moving date.
  8. Weight: Don’t fill the boxes to the top, unless they are very lightweight items. If you fill a box with heavy items, such as books, you might not be able to lift the box.
  9. Packing: Put heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top, so that you don’t crush or break the light items.
  10. Bubble wrap: Breakable items, such as glass and crockery need to be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them during the move.

For professional help house packing in Brisbane, call Brisbane Pre Packers & Removals on 0411 182 208 or get a quote online today.

How to plan ahead for safe pool table removals Brisbane

Pool table removals in Brisbane are not something that you should really try yourself, even though many people do attempt a DIY move. The obvious reason for calling in the professionals is because pool tables are so large, heavy and cumbersome, you can not only damage the table, but you can also seriously injure yourself.

Wrenching your back is an injury that can take years to heal and sometimes you are still left in pain, so calling in the experts for any pool table removals in Brisbane simply makes sense. One of the important points you need to understand is that a pool table cannot be moved whole, it needs to be dismantled and put back together again after the move.

Far too often, people who try to move their own pool tables don’t know how to dismantle and reassemble their table correctly, ending up frustrated when they need to call in someone to help. This is why the safest and surest way is to call in the professional for all your pool table removals in Brisbane.

There are things you can do however to hasten the process and prepare your pool table to be safely moved to its new location.

How to prepare for pool table removals in Brisbane

Obviously, you can leave all of these preparations to the pool table removers, but if you prefer, you can start by removing the six side pockets. To remove the pockets you will either have to loosen the screws on the underside of the table or if they have been stapled into place, you will need a staple remover.

The next step is to remove the side rails of the pool table and for this you need a socket wrench to remove the bolts. You then need to slide the side rails away from the table and store them safely out of the way. The third step is to remove the felt from the table, but this is one of the most complicated parts of pool table removals in Brisbane, so it is best to stop at this point and leave the rest for the professionals.

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